Every piece of meat we can trace straight back to the farm

We collaborate with local farmers to offer them a guaranteed fair price helping to ensure that the locally produced food remains accessible to our local community.

Our partnerships are exclusively with farms employing holistic and regenerative practices, prioritizing sustainability to minimize any adverse environmental effects.

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Always free range and grass fed

Sounds expensive? We aim to be priced similarly to the top range at the supermarket wherever possible - but there is no water or anything added to our meat. What goes into the pan is what comes out of the pan!

Our butchery operations are all conducted on-site in Caldicot, where meticulous care is taken in crafting our burgers, sausages, gammon, and bacon. This hands-on approach allows us to offer detailed insights into our production process, guaranteeing transparency and quality assurance. Additionally, our commitment to zero waste means that every part of the animal serves a purpose, whether it's used for flavourful stock in our meals or transformed into nutritious dog treats through dehydration.

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