About us

Monmouthshire Fayre was started by Husband and wife team Jessi & Chris. 
We farm together in portskewett and keep rare breed belted welsh black cattle and welsh pigs, along with a few sheep. 

Monmouthshire Fayre collaborates with 9 farms and 21 local food businesses to establish a traceable farm-to-fork supply chain and ensure farmers get a fair price for their produce. 

Every piece of meat we can trace straight back to the farm and tell you exactly where it has been. Always free range and predominantly grass fed we make sure we find the best we can. We work closely with our farms and have visited every one. We have a mix of organic and non-organic suppliers, focusing on farms with a regenerative approach and prioritising animal welfare over accreditation schemes.
Sounds expensive? We aim to be priced similarly to the top range at the supermarket wherever possible - but there is no water or anything added to our meat. What goes into the pan is what comes out of the pan!
All butchery, burgers, sausages, gammon and bacon are made by us in Caldicot - so again if you want to know anything we can tell you exactly what’s done.
Local food for local people - the proof is in the taste.